Planning to join a business school for your MBA? You would do well to check up on the availability of student loan to cover your costs in view of the limited number of scholarships available, especially for international candidates.

Here are the 5 top Student Loans providers to finance your dream MBA program, handpicked by MBA Reviews Team.


CommonBond Student Loans

CommonBond was founded in 2012 and has since loaned out more than $2 billion in student loans. It began on a simple premise: make student loans cheaper and easier to understand for everyone.

On top of simplifying and making student loans more affordable, CommonBond is committed to helping struggling schools, students, and teachers. Every time a new account is opened, aid is sent to a struggling school in Ghana.

Helping its own and those abroad, CommonBond is a lender committed to actually making a difference. Whether you’re just starting out in college, about to attend graduate school or are ready to refinance, CommonBond could have a loan package for you.


SunTrust Student Loans

If you’re about to head off to college, you’ve likely looked at a lot of student loans. Don’t let yourself get too confused. SunTrust has three great loan programs available to qualified applicants and each one of them has some pretty significant special features. And if you need to refinance existing student loans, you can do that with SunTrust as well.

Ultimately loans are about money, and with SunTrust, you can save some serious cash by choosing them as your student loan lender. Competitive rates and terms make them truly stand out from competitors. Keep reading to learn more about SunTrust’s student loans for bachelor’s, graduate, and professional degrees.

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Sallie Mae Student Loans

Sallie Mae offers a wide variety of loan options to both present and future students. If you’re in need of a loan, no matter where you are on your educational journey, Sallie Mae has a loan with competitive rates and great perks just for you.

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Discover Student Loans

Discover may be a household name, but they also offer student loans. You’ll find great rates, flexible loan terms, and some pretty awesome perks. Big names sometimes offer big things.

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Citizens Bank Student Loans

Citizens Bank provides a wide selection of student and parent loans, in addition to refinancing options for both. With clear terms on application requirements and loan amount guides, the process is pretty transparent. You’ll also appreciate online resources and some pretty amazing rate discounts that can result in major savings on your student debt.

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