TL;dr: According to our 2018 survey of 5,000 MBA students (current students or alumni), 91.2% of the survey participants responded that their MBA experience was “worth it”.

At MBA Reviews we understand that getting an MBA is an investment; investment of time, money and resources. As in with every investment, the first question that  comes to people’s mind is that “is my investment worth it?”

This was the questions that we set out to answer, to decide if an MBA “worths it” or not. We figured that the best way to answer this question would be to asking it to current MBA students and alumni. So we created a very short and simple survey to send current MBA students and alumni.



The survey included a basic Yes / No ques and short profile questions, such as the Country of the MBA program, Nationality of the participant, MBA Type and Delivery Mode.

Then we went to Linkedin / Facebook groups / Facebook pages / our Forums and Email List subscribers to ask this question.







We completed gathering responses in about 1 month and stopped collecting once we get the 5000 responses.


So here is the results;


4561 of 5000 participants (91.2%) responded that their MBA degree was worth it.

439 of 5000 participants (8.8%) responded that their MBA degree was not worth it.





2383 (47%) of our survey participants study in the USA for their MBA degrees which easily made it the most popular country in our survey. United Kingdom (308 – 6%) was the second, followed by India (5%), Canada (4%), Australia (4%), Germany (4%), Spain (3%), France (3%), Switzerland (3%). The remaining 70 countries made up 21%.




Again the biggest part of our survey participants were Americans. Americans made up 37% of all participants, Indians take second place with 11%, followed by British (6%), Canadian (4%), German (4%), Chinese (4%), French (3%), Swiss (3%), Australian (3%). The remaining 92 nationalities made up 21% of the participants.




3256 (65%) of the survey participants completed an MBA degree in General Management. Executive MBA programs were the second (698 – 14%) and Global MBA programs were the third. (268 – 5%). MBA in Banking, Finance, Marketing, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, and all other 40 specializations made up 16% of all participants.




The majority of survey participants completed their MBA programs on campus, which shows that even though the emergence of the online MBA degrees, on-campus programs are still a big majority.

Among the participants, 4297 (85,14%) students completed an on-campus MBA program while the remaining 703 (14.86%) did an online MBA.




Takeaway: As we often talk about how there are different factors to decide a student’s satisfaction with the MBA program it seems like a big majority of the MBA students are satisfied with their MBA programs, which partially explains the increase in MBA enrollments every year.

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