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  • Name of School of Business: Yonsei School of Business (YSB)


  • MBA Programs: Yonsei Full-time MBA, Yonsei Global MBA, Yonsei Executive MBA, Yonsei Korean Executive MBA
  • Duration of MBA Programs: Yonsei Full-time MBA (1 year), Yonsei Global MBA (1.5 years), Yonsei Executive MBA (2 years), Yonsei Korean Executive MBA (1.5 years)


  • Cost: Yonsei Full-time MBA (48,000,000 KRW), Yonsei Global MBA (52,000,000 KRW), Yonsei Executive MBA (80,000,000 KRW), Yonsei Korean Executive MBA (60,000,000 KRW)


  • Enrolment: Yonsei Full-time MBA (around 140 students), Yonsei Global MBA (around 70 students), Yonsei Executive MBA (around 50 students), Yonsei Korean Executive MBA (around 70 students)


  • Admissions Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, at least 2 years of work experience for Full-time MBA and Global MBA, at least 8 years of work experience for Executive MBA and Korean Executive MBA, GMAT or GRE scores, English proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC), two letters of recommendation, essays, interviews


  • GMAT Score: Yonsei Full-time MBA (Average: 670), Yonsei Global MBA (Average: 660), Yonsei Executive MBA (not required), Yonsei Korean Executive MBA (not required)
  • Application Deadline: Yonsei Full-time MBA (April to May), Yonsei Global MBA (October to November), Yonsei Executive MBA (May to June), Yonsei Korean Executive MBA (February to March)
  • Start Date: Yonsei Full-time MBA (August), Yonsei Global MBA (March), Yonsei Executive MBA (July), Yonsei Korean Executive MBA (September)
  • Study Mode: Yonsei Full-time MBA (On-campus), Yonsei Global MBA (On-campus and Online), Yonsei Executive MBA (On-campus), Yonsei Korean Executive MBA (On-campus)
  • Student Body: Yonsei Full-time MBA (International students: around 50%, Women: around 30%, Average Work Experience: around 5 years), Yonsei Global MBA (International students: around 90%, Women: around 30%, Average Work Experience: around 5 years), Yonsei Executive MBA (International students: around 50%, Women: around 15%, Average Work Experience: around 15 years), Yonsei Korean Executive MBA (International students: not disclosed, Women: not disclosed, Average Work Experience: around 15 years)
  • Rankings: Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2021 (#52)
  • Admissions: Yonsei Full-time MBA (acceptance rate: around 25%), Yonsei Global MBA (acceptance rate: around 35%), Yonsei Executive MBA (acceptance rate: not disclosed), Yonsei Korean Executive MBA (acceptance rate: not disclosed)
  • Accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS
  • Language of Instruction: English (some courses in Korean for Yonsei Korean Executive MBA)
  • Faculty: Yonsei School of Business has over 80 full-time faculty members, who hold PhDs from renowned universities around the world.
  • Tuition Fees: Yonsei Full-time MBA (48,000,000 KRW), Yonsei Global MBA (52,000,000 KRW), Yonsei Executive MBA (80,000,000

About Yonsei Global MBA

Yonsei Global MBA ranked  #1 in Korea by The Economist for four consecutive years. Yonsei School of Business Global MBA became the first and only MBA program in Korea to be ranked in the “World’s Top 100 Full-Time MBAs” by The Economist for the fourth straight year from 2011.

Yonsei School of Business offers the First and the Best MBA program in Korea.

The Global MBA Program aims to produce creative global leaders equipped with expert knowledge of management theories and a variety of business cases. The program starts in late August and lasts for 18 months.

Global MBA Admission Guidelines for 2018
Yonsei Global MBA seeks to bring together a diverse group of participants from around the world with a variety of experiences, academic backgrounds, and abilities. We seek to take in a class size of 50 students to start in the Fall of 2018.

Program period: End of August 2018 ~ February 2020
Coursework will be completed by December 2019
Program consists of 3 semesters (winter/summer sessions also available)
Number of intakes: Up to 50 students

Applicants are required to possess:

  • A bachelor’s degree, Undergraduate degree or a degree from an equivalent institution (Should be validated before the program begins)
  • A good TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC score (TOEFL preferred) (Taken within two years from the date of application submission). This requirement is waived if the applicant completed his/her undergraduate degree in a country where the official language is English.The following requirements are not mandatory, but highly recommended:
  • Minimum two years of work experience
  • Satisfactory GMAT or GRE score


  • Jefri Tamba

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I came here last year as an exchange student. The very first impression of Yonsei University was so good indeed the campus was so beautiful (specially gardens were most memorable). Also the students here are so friendly and kind even though I haven’t studied other countries except for here but anyhow everything is just perfect so far. As for living cost near the university is so cheap. I think this area is the cheappest in Seoul but there are so many places to hang out, not to mention about 24 hours convenient stores, bars and cafes.

  • Brian Belot

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Great study abroad program for foreign students. The dormitory is very nice and almost new. The Korean language program is intense and quite good if you’re looking to pick up the language. This university is highly rated as one of the best in Asia, and one of three best in Korea.

  • jhee girl

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I saw this place it’s really awesome and there university was so nice that school really are a prestigious university,I wish I can study on that very popular university that’s really amazing.

  • TheKimchi

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Expect a lot of math in any economics and finance classes. Overall a very good experience.

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