Xi’an Jiaotong University

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  • J Ye

    Rating: 4 / 5

    “Evening among the Italian discomfort, Gordon drove the ancient original. Sunset is magnificent, it is almost dusk.” This is the first written in the Tang Dynasty poems describe the situation of people for a better passing helpless. Through this poem, Le Youyuan became famous ancient attractions. But Le Youyuan Where is it? We all know that the terracotta warriors of Xi’an to play, Shan Bo, Beilin, if a little interested in some of the history, they will go and see the Daming Palace, Weiyang, Fanggong, Imperial palace ruins. But Le Youyuan Where is it? According to research, in the vicinity of Le Youyuan Seiryuji, from near the pool to the Imperial palace, National Chiao Tung University campus just north of Le Youyuan. This is how interesting. Li Shang-yin to think this is over, he called the monument old place!

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