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Willamette University MBA Program – Early Career and Career Change MBA


The Willamette MBA is specifically designed to provide the skills and professional experience you need to jumpstart or change your career in business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. As a Willamette MBA student you will:

  • Gain a wealth of new knowledge, and the opportunity to apply what you learn in your consulting work to real not-for-profit clients in your first year through our unique PACE core course.


  • Build your professional experience through class consulting projects, internships, and innovative experiential courses (Angel Fund, Philanthropic Investment for Community Impact, and O’Neill Investment Fund). Both domestic and international students have the option to do up to 3 semesters of internship for credit. 100% of Willamette MBA students landed a summer internship.


  • Experience the benefits of an accredited (AACSB and NASPAA) and nationally ranked MBA program (Businessweek, Forbes, Poets & Quants, and QS). Willamette MBA is #1 in Oregon and #2 in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Be considered for a generous scholarships — 100% of Willamette MBA students receive financial aid and scholarships. Many on-campus employment opportunities are available within the business school. Many second-year students also receive an additional graduate assistantship.


  • Be employed — 82% of international students and 84% of U.S. students receive a job offer within 3 months of graduation. Willamette MBA is ranked by Forbes as one of the top U.S. MBA programs for return on investment.


  • A new certificate in data science, Data Science for Professionals, is now available to complement your MBA. Students may apply 6 credits of the data science certificate to their MBA elective credits.


  • Choose one or more of 10 MBA concentrations:
    • Accounting
    • Entrepreneurship (ranked #9 in the U.S. and #12 worldwide by Businessweek)
    • Finance
    • Global Management
    • Human Resources
    • Management Science and Quantitative Methods
    • Marketing
    • Operations, Analysis and Systems
    • Organizational Analysis
    • Public and Not-for-Profit Management



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  • Melina

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I am a 1st year student at Willamette MBA program. I really like the fact that as a student I get personalized attention for my professors and from the school. The program is very focused on experiential learning. For example, we have a class called PACE (Practical Applications for Careers and Enterprises) in which we work in teams and we get a real life client to work with. My team is consulting with a non-profit in Oregon and we are developing an Organizational Development plan and a 5-year Business Plan for them. So now, when I am looking for internships I can talk about the project and what we are actually doing in addition to class work.

  • IT

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I’m currently a first year student at Willamette MBA for the Early Career and Career Change program, and I love it! It’s been a great experience so far with the school and the program. The staffs were helpful through the entire application process and were very responsive (which was helpful for me as an international student). All the professors are super intelligent and helpful in their areas, and all of them have great professional experiences prior to academia. All my peers are from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures, and the school emphasis on teamworks and leaderships through experiential projects with real clients. The size of this program is small enough for everyone to know each other personally and to build strong networks, not to mention that the program pro.

  • John

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Willamette University Atkinson Graduate School of Management is not only a program that allows for small classes and one-on-one time with dedicated professors, but the Dean, admissions staff and alumnae are all welcoming and willing to talk. I was shocked at how many Atkinson alums I have met at Nike, Intel, and some of the top companies on the west coast, and their willingness to connect current students with their companies. This graduate school is more of a “family” that helps each other get their dream careers through the expansive network and reputable legacy.

  • M.M.

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Professors are accessible with great support from tutors and staff. The course work is demanding and the program is not for a MBA vacation, but someone who wants to be serious with their studies. Great connections to companies in the Pacific Northwest, but candidates find employment nationally too.

  • Andre

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I’m a first year student at the Willamette University MBA program, and I’m thrilled with my experience so far. The classes are engaging and the professors go out of their way to support students however they can. Career services is an active part of the program and they start working with us from day one. The campus is great. Really happy so far

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