Westford School of Management

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  • Al

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    Beware joining the Westford-CMU MBA program. The University says 12 months, but for me it was 18-19 months because Westford did not communicate the Part2 of the program well at all. They say Part2 is 6 months, but its actually 7, they will not communicate anything about Part 2 till the last minute. I was left hanging for 3 months by the University and my whole time-line for the year was ruined. I was supposed to graduate in May 2021, but now it will be close to Dec 2021. They deceived me and lied to me. Some people may not mind the 6-7 months extra but to some Time precious and when you are say 12 months, it means 12 months, not 13, not 14, and certainly not 18-19 months. Join a University that will keep its word and not deceive you or give you excuses. I write this only because I do not want this happening to anyone else

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