Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA – University of Warsaw

5.00 / 5
  • Penelope Myszka

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I would recommend this university because I believe it is very cost-efficient when considering the price of it. It offers everything and encourages students to be multilingual (require a second language exam to graduate), healthy and fit (requires at least 4 semesters of gym), and knowledgeable in other areas that they are not studying in (requires 21 credits from classes unrelated to field). They also require 100 hours of volunteer internship before graduation to enforce practical knowledge in the field. There is a diverse amount of people from all over the world who are all enrolled and it gives a nice touch socially. However, Warsaw, Poland is still developing, and might be a bit of a struggle for newcomers to get used to the lifestyle. It is quite cheap compared to other countries, but a little bit difficult to find a stable job when you don’t speak Polish. There are very little career opportunities following the studies, but I believe the studies are very thorough if you wanted to work elsewhere.

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