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Information: Vlerick Business School is a triple-accredited, international business school at the heart of Europe – ranked number one in the Benelux for executive education and 19 in Europe. We have specific expertise in Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Healthcare, Energy and Financial Services. Apart from our close ties to KU Leuven and Ghent University – and our strategic alliances with Peking University and University of Stellenbosch Business School – we’re constantly building our network of corporate partners across the world

Mission : 

When André Vlerick founded the school more than 65 years ago, he built it on a strong belief in the power of business as a source of progress and prosperity. And while that vision has not changed to this day, the world in which we want that progress and prosperity to thrive has changed.

Constant global change and rapid technological developments are disrupting many markets. That’s why we need positive change-makers with a vision that is rooted in a dream.

*Live your dream: At Vlerick, we provide the fertile ground for your dreams to take root, to grow and ultimately to thrive. To bridge the gap between dreaming, daring and doing.

We provide you with the inspiration, the know-how and the peer support to encourage you to live your dream.

*Learn continuously: As a business school and a wider community, we at Vlerick consider ourselves no exception. Just like you, we know that you either innovate or die. That is why we keep on rethinking the Vlerick learning journeys, providing a wide range of teaching methods and experiences – whether they be on location or online – to create learning with impact.

Because that is what drives the entire Vlerick community: challenge yourself always, be a student always.

*Leap with confidence: Your Vlerick experience will not only colour your mind, broaden your perspective and open up new opportunities, it will also give you the support you need to take that leap forward. The leap of faith that stands between the knowledge, skills and tools you have acquired and applying them to lead with purpose. And to turn knowledge into action.


  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Energy Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Digital Transformation


  • Masters
  • Management programmes
  • Customised programmes
  • Online programmes

CORONAVIRUS – INFORMATION: The Flemish Government decided that higher education institutions have to move to code red. This means that all Vlerick activities will have to take place online, starting from Thursday 29 October 2020. Although we are convinced that the measures we had taken so far, created a low-risk, safe and welcoming environment for on campus activities, we take our social responsibility and abide by the government rules and recommendations.

In essence, moving towards code red means that all our campuses will be closed for all on campus teaching and that we are transferring to a full online delivery of our programmes. As the health and safety of our employees, students, participants and alumni is our first priority, our campuses in Ghent, Leuven and Brussels will remain closed to all visitors. We keep on closely monitoring the government guidelines and the VLIR guidelines for higher education institutions and will embrace any changes that might occur, allowing us to move to Code Orange again. Participants that are impacted by these measures will be contacted and informed by their programme coordinator.

Contact:  Tel.  +32 9 210 97 11

Fax: +32 9 210 97 00

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