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  Information:  VATEL, A GLOBAL NETWORK OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT SCHOOLS AND GRADUATES:  Vatel has more than 50 hotel management schools located in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Their common mission: to prepare the younger generations to build their professional future in the international hotel industry and tourism. Vatel took part:   - To teach management built on two centuries of hotel history, focused on the quality of service and customer satisfaction. It takes into account all the cultural aspects of the client, the country where the hotel is located and the staff who work there.   - To transmit the French art of hospitality, recognized throughout the world as a guarantee of quality, good taste and excellence.   - In all non-French speaking countries where the group is established, to teach French.   Graduates from these schools, there are now 35,000 professionals around the world proudly bearing the title of Vatelien and practicing their profession in the most beautiful establishments in the world. From the 2000s: duplication of Vatel hotel management schools internationally. Twenty years after the opening of the first Vatel school in France, all the factors for international development have come together: the teaching concept, based on the constructed and mastered alternation of theory and experimentation, is safe, durable and can be used internationally. Since then, new campuses have sprung up in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.   Spread over 4 continents, the network of Vatel schools today forms the world's leading group in Hospitality-Tourism Management Education, which industry professionals have voted Best Hotel Management School.   The Vatel uniform, educator and unifier: The Vatel dress code induces a behavior of rigor, sobriety and elegance specific to the hotel and restaurant professions. A sign of recognition shared by all Vatel students around the world, it embodies the values ​​acquired at Vatel and which will accompany them throughout their professional life:   Franchising, a partnership built on the sharing of success A booming sector, a unique teaching concept, a brand acclaimed by professionals, a group in perpetual innovation… For 20 years, Vatel has shared success and international development with its franchisees who open Vatel schools around the world.   Bachelor:  -International hotel manager / European Bachelor of Management in Hospitality & Tourism -Marco Polo program Aiming for a career in the hotel and tourism industry means being open to other cultures and to the international market. Vatel strives to develop the openness of its students by giving them the opportunity to do their 2nd year of a Bachelor at another Vatel school, after approval by the management of your home school.   MBA: -International Hotel Manager / European MBA in Hotel & Tourism SPECIALIZATIONS IN MBA TO TRAIN IN THE HOTEL PROFESSIONS OF TOMORROW: In the 5th year MBA in International Hotel Management program, which leads to the title of International Hotel Manager, 11 specializations are offered to students who wish to strengthen their expertise. Taught exclusively on a campus, each MBA specialization has been designed according to structural and / or environmental criteria. Subject to a well-argued professional project and an application file accepted by the student's home campus and by the campus offering the specialization, MBA in International Hotel Management students have the opportunity to complete their 5th and final year on another Vatel campus.   ADMISSION PROCEDURE: 

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  Contact us: Aline RENARD WANG International Development - Vatel Group 8 rue Duhamel - BP 2013 F-69227 Lyon (France) [email protected]

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