University of Technology Sydney

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The Uuniversity of Technology Sidney’s MBA is designed for early career professionals seeking to either extend their knowledge and capabilities into managerial roles, or to change careers into a new field of business. The flexible 16-subject program features a core of eight subjects that introduce students to key managerial and business concepts, with the eight remaining subjects allowing a choice of major, sub-majors and or electives. All MBA subjects are approved by an industry board that insists on ‘relevance to workplace’ as a pre-eminent subject design principle. The MBA provides knowledge and skills that are essential for superior management performance.

There are many reasons to do the UTS MBA, with the course providing the flexibility to adapt to each student’s unique educational needs, background and career aspirations. Students can structure the program to include a choice of majors, or two sub-majors, or one sub-major plus up to four electives from throughout the business school.

  • Thomas Dolmark

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I had given up on education until a friend strongly recommended me UTS and he was right, UTS has managed to change my mind about education.

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