University of Economics in Bratislava

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The University of Economics in Bratislava is a public university located in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. It was founded in 1940, and since then, it has become one of the most prominent economic universities in Central and Eastern Europe.

The University of Economics in Bratislava offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in the field of economics, management, and business. Here are some key facts about the university:

  • Programs: The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in fields such as economics, business management, public economics and politics, economic diplomacy, and business informatics.
  • Internationalization: The university has partnerships with more than 200 universities and institutions around the world, allowing students to participate in international exchange programs and gain a global perspective on business and economics.
  • Research: The university has a strong focus on research and is home to several research centers and institutes, including the Institute of Economic Research, the Institute of Financial Management, and the Institute of Management.
  • Accreditation: The university is accredited by the Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education and the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.
  • Campus: The university has four campuses located throughout Bratislava, including the main campus in the Old Town, which features modern facilities, including lecture halls, computer labs, and a library.
  • Student life: The university offers a range of extracurricular activities, including sports clubs, cultural events, and student organizations, allowing students to network and socialize with their peers.

University of Economics in Bratislava is a highly respected institution that provides students with a quality education in economics, business, and management, while also fostering a global perspective on these fields.

  • Vealerius

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Currently studying here. Location is quite good, shops and bus stop are close by, but it is quite far from the city center (which is good, because the noise is not bad). Features a lot of room for rest, student clubs and more. Quality of the teachers is sometimes questionable, but overall one of the better universities you can choose from.

  • chang winshu

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Very large school I am here to school The school is divided into the old building and the new building inside the teachers and students are very good spring and summer here beautiful scenery for reading learning

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