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This course aims to develop your critical knowledge of organizations, their management and the complex business issues they face. You’ll have the chance to apply research and analysis skills, culminating in a Master’s level dissertation. A Research and Study Skills module is available to all students on the full-time MBA programme. This module is designed to provide a strong base upon which to develop the academic skills required for study. Teaching is conducted by a highly-dedicated team, with specialist knowledge in a wide range of subject areas and close links to business and industry. Course materials are available online, allowing you to prepare work at home and ensuring in-class learning is highly interactive.

The course covers vital skills and knowledge that can be applied in almost any organization, such as developing awareness of management and leadership practices, developing creative and systematic approaches to underlying business issues, and understanding how business and management practices can be improved. As a graduate, you’ll possess an overview of key business practices, and further skills in areas such as operational management, marketing, strategic planning and accounting. It can also help you to specialize in your current sector, or a new industry that you want to move into. Employers look favourably on MBAs because studying for this qualification promotes knowledge and skills that are applicable to any organisation (regardless of the sector). The universal appeal stems from the MBA’s focus on collective business principles.

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