University of Bahrain

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The University of Bahrain is a public university located in Al Zallaq, Bahrain. While it does not have a specific business school, it offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program through its College of Business and Finance. The program covers a range of topics including management, finance, accounting, marketing, and information systems.

In terms of admission requirements, students must meet the general requirements for admission to the University of Bahrain, including passing the General Secondary School Certificate Examination (Tawjahiya) or its equivalent, and meeting English proficiency requirements. The program is offered in both Arabic and English and typically takes four years to complete.

Tuition fees for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program at the University of Bahrain vary depending on the student’s nationality and program of study. For Bahraini students, the tuition fee is BD 200 per semester, while for non-Bahraini students, the fee is BD 400 per semester.

The University of Bahrain is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain, and is a member of several international organizations including the Association of Arab Universities and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World.

  • Sayed Ali shubbar

    Rating: 4 / 5

    University of Bahrain The largest public university in the Kingdom of Bahrain was established on 24 May 1986 and is one of the strongest universities in Bahrain.

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