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Toulouse Business School (TBS) is a public business school located in the city of Toulouse, France. Founded in 1903, TBS is one of the oldest business schools in Europe and has gained international recognition for its quality of education, research and corporate relations. TBS offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, executive and doctoral programs in management, accounting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and aerospace management, among others. The school has over 5,000 students from 80 countries and a faculty of 165 professors, of which 50% are international.

TBS has three campuses located in Toulouse, Paris, and Barcelona. The Toulouse campus is the main campus and offers all of the school’s programs, while the Paris and Barcelona campuses offer a limited selection of programs. TBS also has partnerships with over 150 universities worldwide, allowing students to participate in exchange programs and study abroad.

TBS is accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, which are the three main international accreditations for business schools. These accreditations ensure that TBS meets the highest standards of quality and excellence in business education. TBS is also a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, which is a French association of higher education institutions that offer engineering, business and management programs.

The TBS curriculum emphasizes a practical and experiential approach to learning. Students have access to a variety of real-world projects, case studies, internships, and business simulations, which enable them to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations. TBS also offers a range of extracurricular activities, including student clubs, sports teams, and cultural events, which contribute to a vibrant campus life.

About School

At the heart of Europe, at the heart of the City …

TBS is established in Toulouse, Barcelona, ​​Casablanca, Paris and London. We thus place our students at the heart of what Europe does best in terms of technological innovation, economic dynamics and quality of life. The campuses are ideally located in the city center.

This means less time wasted and more time to live! Our students can thus find near our campuses:

>public transport (bus, metro), to get around easily;

>housing and local services, to live more relaxed;

>green spaces and relaxation areas, to recharge your batteries in lush greenery.




The TBS Bachelor is a dual vocation training: professional and intercultural. Our mission is to reveal profiles with high potential, called to evolve quickly towards management functions, in France or internationally.

>Bachelor in Management

The TBS Bachelor is a dual vocation training: professional and intercultural. Our mission is to reveal profiles with high potential, called to evolve quickly towards management functions, in France or internationally.

>Grande École Program

The TBS Grande École Program is characterized by its academic rigor and its great coherence, allowing a progressive and controlled acquisition of knowledge, know-how and managerial skills.

>M1 / M2 Manager in Strategy & International Development

The Manager in Strategy and International Development provides management of strategic development projects in an international context. His global and transversal vision of the company allows him to propose and manage development projects, at the level of the group or the Business Unit for which he is responsible.

>Global Executive MBA

Be inspired by the best and join this premium program to propel your teams and your career to a new future. The Global Executive MBA combines efficiency and employability and allows you to choose an expert course in Strategic Management or Aerospace Management.

>MSc Strategic Innovation Management

Innovation is now seen as the engine of organizations and the necessary condition for their long-term success. This Master of Science “Strategic Innovation Management” aims to prepare the new generation of decision-makers who will be able to select and implement the best strategies to innovate within the companies of today and tomorrow.

>MSc Entrepreneurship and Business Development

The objective of this MSc is to stimulate the entrepreneurial behavior of our students, so that they start their own business or are able to develop the portfolio of activities of a company (Business Development). This Master of Science is designed to encourage the development of their personality and creativity, to train them in decision-making and leadership, and to empower them to understand and implement business strategies.

>MSc Human Resources Management

Human capital is a major lever for growth: it is the individuals who make the company successful, through their skills, their motivation and their commitment. The objective of this MSc is to train you to be a director of human resources by developing your technical skills, your interpersonal skills and your forward-looking vision. You will learn the profession of HR manager of the 21st century: one who supports management, advises management, improves management processes, develops skills and the well-being of staff, guides decisions while respecting constraints (legal, budgetary …) And promotes an ethical and responsible framework.

>MSc International Luxury Industries Management

Do you dream of working in the luxury industry? This MSc reveals to you the codes of this industry and how you will excel in the design and implementation of high added value marketing strategies. In the heart of Paris, students are immersed in the world of Luxury and work on concrete case studies while broadening their knowledge of customer experience and digital marketing.

>Executive Academy

Anticipating and supporting changes is the main mission of any business manager.

>MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management

This MSc is intended for students who wish to start an international career in the tourism and hospitality sector. Based in Barcelona, ​​it offers tailor-made courses taught by practitioners in the field, and more general academic training covering analytical, managerial and leadership skills. You can complete your experience with a 6-month internship in the best national and / or international companies in the sector. Finally, a personalized coaching program will allow you to find the ideal professional path

>MSc Fashion and Luxury Marketing Management

Discover the Marketing, Communication and Sales universe of the Fashion and Luxury industries on our Barcelona campus.

>Aerospace MBA

Inscribed in an international context, the TBS Aerospace MBA guarantees expert training in the field of aeronautics and management. Having trained aeronautics executives for more than 20 years, this MBA allows candidates to capitalize on their experience and obtain an overview of management applied to the field of aeronautics. This high-level sectoral MBA, taught exclusively in English, is therefore dedicated to executives wishing to acquire or strengthen their skills in the field of aeronautics.

>MSc Marketing Business to Consumer (B2C)

This MSc in Marketing Business to Consumer (B2C) is designed for students who wish to become experts in Marketing products and services in the consumer market and “fast moving consumer goods”. You will learn to master consumer behavior, data collection and processing, customer communication and physical and digital marketing strategies, tools and methods. The goal is to teach students to master strategic situation analysis and to propose optimal solutions for their brands to succeed in B2C markets.

>MSc Marketing Management

This MSc provides a solid multidisciplinary education tailored to a context, where marketing professionals must get used to operating in a volatile, rapidly changing and technology-driven economic environment and master new forms of expertise at the junction between l innovation in Marketing Digital Marketing, Business Analytics and artificial intelligence


1 Place Alphonse Jourdain – CS 66810 31068 TOULOUSE Cedex 7, France

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