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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) course is designed to develop your cognitive, technical and creative skills to make effective decisions in a global context. You will develop strong business acumen which will help you to lead people, teams and businesses and enhance your career prospects. Discover how you can apply your knowledge and skills instantly in your current workplace or a new entrepreneurial venture.

Our MBA is offered in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, with the option for online study available.

Master of Business Administration

  • The Master of Business Administration (MBA) course is designed to provide experienced business professionals with flexible study options to enhance their knowledge and skills and also enhance their career prospects. The MBA and MBA Advanced have a practical and interdisciplinary focus with the themes of teamwork, sound and ethical decision making, and strategic planning being key features of the program.
  • The MBA culminates in a strategic management capstone project where research skills are consolidated and applied to a strategic business problem.

Choose between 2 specialisms as part of an MBA or MBA (Advanced):

  • Technology Management enables students to obtain recognised expertise in the current and future impact of technology on business. The curriculum has been developed and delivered by leaders in the fields of Engineering, Science, IT and technical professions.
  • Project Management enables students to obtain recognised expertise in the management and leadership of projects. The curriculum has been developed and delivered by leaders in the fields and we display an impressive cohort of graduates in management roles in Mining, Architecture, Project Management and Engineering.

‘Flex’ is an intensive delivery option, designed specifically for students who want a face-to-face instruction model but who find it difficult to attend weekly classes. Flex delivers only MBA subjects over six weeks and includes 3 evenly spaced Saturday workshops. These fortnightly Saturday workshops are offered in each of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and attract working professionals with multiple, competing priorities.

Imagine finishing your working week with a stimulating discussion, based around the issues you face daily! Imagine building your network as you engage in collaborative problem solving immediately relevant to your work. Imagine contributing to others’ experiences in multiple and different industries as we discover many of them are the same! Do all of this and work your way toward completing your MBA. There are two Flex intakes each trimester and a summer intake, meaning you can complete up to 7 subjects in any calendar year.

It’s called ‘Flex’ because it’s flexible, working in with your schedule and your priorities. Have the flexibility of not locking yourself into any one method of instruction. You have the option to swap between the different modes of delivery when enrolled in an MBA at Torrens University. Combine online study with a Flex intake when you know you have some downtime at work. Do a face-to-face class when you want to experience studying at a ‘normal’ pace. Do all three when you want a challenge! The options are there and you just make it work the way you want it to.

Flex is a terrific way to chip away at your MBA in short sprints. Note that ‘flex’ still means there are assignment deadlines and that you still commit to the intake when you sign up for it. Flex has a shortened census date but most students find that once they are in the Flex ‘zone’, they swear by it!


  • Dana Sigmund

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Torrens university has something to offer for everybody wanting to study health, design, hospitality or business. They offer flexibility with timetables so I have been able to continue you working part time while studying. All the lecturers are knowledgeable and passionate about what they are teaching. But the very best thing about Torrens is that the uni staff work closely with industry professionals to design the course according to what employers want in employees. Therefore making Torrens university students favourable and highly regarded within the industry’s

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