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Practice-Led MBA & PhD

We are offering opportunities for potential students to do a practice-led MBA with TSMR. Candidates will draw on their professional experience to develop a thesis. You need the requisite qualification to come onto the programme.

The aim of this programme is to find a novel way of recognising the work of both executives and non-executives in public and private sectors. The structure of the programme is hybrid rather than academic. Guided by experienced academic advisors candidate’s will be required to focus on their area of expertise and experience and how it can be used to shape national development i.e. making a contribution to professional knowledge.

Both programmes confer “Dr” or “MBA” on participants who successfully complete the programme. However, the professional doctorate does not aim at academic career, which will require intensive research and extended period of study.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Admissions to the programme are on rolling basis. As soon as we receive your application with all the necessary documentations and evidence, an admission committee will evaluate them and advice the candidate accordingly.

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