The Cantillon Institute for Entrepreneurship

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  Information:  We are the state-of-the-art Institute for Entrepreneurship. We create successful entrepreneurs and startups. And, we have a lot of experience. We train new entrepreneurs, help them develop solutions to interesting problems and launch their best ideas. We are a team of international, serial entrepreneurs who mentor our teams to greatness. It does not matter if you have a master, a MBA or a PhD. If you have 10 years or more of work experience, we are here to make you start, grow and avoid the easy to fall in mistakes.  Step 1: The Crucible Design your action plan In this DESIGN phase, you will audit your idea, upgrade your thinking, and improve your plan.  Step 2: The Collider All you need to start In the START phase, you will co-create with your potential customers, build a MVP in record time, and find your product/market fit.  Step 3 : The catapult All you need to launch In the LAUNCH phase, you will create your brand, define your legal, set up your operational tools in sales, finance, accounting, marketing.     WHO IS THE CANTILLON?  We are all entrepreneurs. We have all created businesses, and failed many others. We know what you think, we know what you fear, we know what you need (and what you don’t need). WE ARE ENTREPRENEURS FOR ENTREPRENEURS.    WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE THE CANTILLON ?  Unlike schools, we work on your business case. Unlike incubators, we work with projects of all sectors.  Unlike consultants, we have a structured program and organisation. Unlike accelerators, we do not focus on exit.    WHY SHOULD I PAY SOMETHING WHILE ALL THE OTHERS DO NOT ASK FOR CASH?  They ask for something far more valuable than cash: equity.  Their business model is to make money when they sell your business. With you in it, or not.    MY ENGLISH IS NOT TOP The Cantillon teachers and mentors speak both French and English, the slides and tools are in english.  Our training materials are in English, and the trainers speak French and English.   OFFER YOUR STUDENTS THE BEST INITIATION PROGRAM TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP We have 36 to 96 hours of lectures, workshops and activities.  Our lecturers are systematically ranked among the top performers in terms of quality of content, quality of teaching, interactivity, accessibility, and applicability.    PARTICIPANTS WILL:  

  • Get a refresher on innovation tools
  • Learn how to start a business
  • Validate your "idea"
  • identify internal and external key stakeholders and craft a pitch message to them
  • Learn to think like an entrepreneur
  • Create a vision for success
  • Get the latest entrepreneurial framework and tools
  • Make crucial improvements in both the way you think, and your start-up's business model
  • Understand where you take risk, and how to mitigate them develop the business
  build a team You can reach us: +33 (0) 1 84 19 35 75

  • Clement

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I participated in the crucible of April 2018. I strongly recommend this workshop over 3 days, intense but very informative and trainer on the means available, the mindset and the techniques useful and necessary to develop its project.

    This workshop is a perfect kick off to start (in case: it’s not a miracle recipe, it’s up to you to work! . We’re going out with the loans to prepare the launch of the first MVP!

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