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Sup de Luxe, an institute specializing in luxury management within a Grande Ecole, created by leaders of the sector, has academic and pedagogical excellence.

Founded by Cartier in 1990 under the name of the Higher Institute of Luxury Marketing, Sup de Luxe is the benchmark luxury institute and the only training in the world desired and supervised by professionals in the sector. In 1995, Sup de luxe joined EDC Paris Business School, a benchmark school in entrepreneurship.


Why come to our institute?

Since its creation, our institute has enjoyed unabated success, with students of French and international origin. These students aim to work in luxury trades, in various sectors: jewelry, gastronomy, real estate, fashion, etc.

At the first position in the rankings of training courses preparing for professions in luxury and luxury management, our programs are benchmarks in France and internationally.

For 30 years, Sup de Luxe has been a luxury marketing school and a Cartier Chair which welcomes more than 400 students from all over the world each year.


We offer to integrate our Luxury Bachelor, or one of our 6 MBAs:

*MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management

*MBA Online Luxury Management in the Digital Age

*MSc Global Luxury Brand Management

*MSc Fashion & Luxury Business

*MSc Food & Wine International Management


Our added value:

The institute provides the keys to the world of luxury and its marketing thanks to a succession of unique opportunities:

*A teaching only provided mainly by professionals of brands and houses but also high-level research professors

*Weekly contacts with decision-makers who make luxury

*Visits to companies, trade shows, creative workshops, production centers, logistics centers, etc.

*Study trips in France and abroad

*Interviews with recruitment firms and human resources managers

*Meetings with the press and the media

*Regular support from a network of 3,000 graduates who hold positions of responsibility in companies in the sector

*Evening classes to allow MBA students to occupy a position or an internship during the day. Focused on professionalization, our school is the open door to the application of our teachings to a sustainable workplace.

Recognized worldwide, our institute is requested by hundreds of students, French and international, as well as by retraining professionals for our international MBAs.


Our goals:

*Build up a pool of young managers for all trades in the sector, in close contact with the brands

*Train executives and managers so that they remain efficient and innovative in a constantly changing sector

*Promote high-impact, high-impact research through an observatory and a benchmark applied research center at the international level: Sup de Luxe Lab

*Contribute to the knowledge and influence of this sector by regularly publishing books



This certificate allows you to perfect your French and your knowledge of the luxury sector, before joining the second year of the Luxury Bachelor.



October 2021



between Sup de Luxe and CCFS




€ 9,800


1 year


Why join this program?

>The higher certificate “French for business and luxury” is for you if:

>You want to improve your French and French business skills

>You want to join the luxury sector and continue your training in this sector

>You wish to benefit from the reputation of two establishments in one year of training

>You are inspired by the French cultural heritage and excellence in these sectors


What do I get?

French Higher Certificate in Business and Luxury from both establishments (CCFS Sorbonne and Sup de Luxe)




70 checkered gallery – 92415 Courbevoie Cedex

Campus: 11 rue de Cambrai – 75019 Paris

+33 (0)1 78 42 89 92

  • Arnaud

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Extra Luxury is the oldest training for luxury trades. This is without doubt the most complete education that literally plunges into the heart of luxury thanks to the professionals in the sector that we meet throughout the year of mba. I can only recommend this magnificent training that opened the doors of the sector and allowed me both to understand this universe and to form a network.
    However, it is important to be active, motivated and curious.

  • Laurent

    Rating: 1 / 5

    Etoile non méritée. Ecole à fric, une belle arnaque qui promet monts et merveilles à des étudiants naïfs voulant intégrer le monde très fermé du luxe. Une fois le chèque encaissé n’espérez ni respect ni considération. Vous subirez les méthodes dictatoriales de la directrice et le manque de bienveillance de certains profs qui ne sont là que pour arrondir leur fin de mois. Aussi ne croyez pas en leurs belles paroles sur leur réseau de professionnels, puisqu’il n’existe pas. Vous ne trouverez que des stages en vente, ou avec un peu de chance vous pourrez devenir l’employé au noir dissimulé de start-up qui ne respecteront ni le code du travail, ni la dignité humaine.
    Seul point positif la qualité des cours de quelques intervenants (comptez sur les doigts de la main).
    Surtout ne pas se fier au classement eduniversal qui ne semble ni fiable ni objectif.
    Ecole à proscrire.

  • Anastasia Tsaralounga

    Rating: 1 / 5

    Pathetic “education”, fake experts (except for several lecturers), empty promises, zero respect; you can have better effect from free courses on YouTube

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