South China University of Technology

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  • Anonymous

    Rating: 5 / 5

    China…wasn’t really my idea before but i did it and I went there. It was pretty hard at first and not simple especially when your from Madagascar because it’s totally different but it’s the point. It was weird though because at first my English was very bad and I couldn’t communicate even with foreigners like me but I start to learn from them and I took some Chinese class,by the way knowing some basic chinese is important because other ways you won’t be able to stay there. And finally I became more familiar with the country the culture the food(my nightmare) and I enjoyed. School was good,I mean ok even if our teachers didn’t speak well English and was funny and hard for them and for us to communicate same as the life there…so finally all I can say is awesome experience I

  • Jay Lo

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I like architecture and play music,Ican play guitar and cello,they make life colorful and without lonely.So I think learnning them is the most meaningful thing in life.I look forward to sharing my growth with you,thank you.

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