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Founded in 1991, Sciences Po Lille is a large selective public school in human and social sciences. Students obtain a master’s degree at the end of their course.

Professional opportunities are very varied. The multidisciplinarity that characterizes the training allows the acquisition of various skills that are recognized and sought after by companies as well as by communities or associations.

Thanks to its geographical position in the heart of Europe, close to London, Paris and Brussels, Sciences Po Lille very early on developed an international policy with the establishment, from 1999, of three integrated double degrees with the ‘Germany, Great Britain and Spain and double masters with Hungary and Great Britain. At the start of the 2020 academic year, she will open a Franco-Italian double degree. The third year of the course takes place in international mobility. This year allows students in particular to improve their language skills and to open up to another culture.

Sciences Po Lille students can now count on a portfolio of more than 235 international agreements in more than 50 countries. Since 2013, the School has been organizing a Summer School on themes that deal with relations between Europe and the world. Sciences Po Lille has been hosting an International Academy for the past five years during the summer. It also organizes an annual recruitment competition in China (Canton, Shanghai, Beijing). Sciences Po Lille also has an agreement with the best Master of Political Science in the world (School of Advanced International Studies – SAIS – in Bologna, Italy) which depends on Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA) and offers at the start of the 2020 academic year a double-degree in “Management of public policies” with EDHEC.


Institutional partners

Institutional partners

The institutional partners of Sciences Po Lille belong primarily to the sphere of higher education and research but also to the institutional world (local communities, trade unions and employers …) and to the economic world.


The school is part of the ScPo network. It is also associated with the University of Lille and a member of the Collégium des Grandes Ecoles de Lille. She is also a member of the Regional Conference of Grandes Ecoles and of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.


-First cycle

-Second cycle

-The preparations at the Major Competitions


*Modern languages: 

Communicating, deepening the knowledge of the countries whose language is spoken, opening up to other cultures, approaches and points of view, preparing for the year of mobility, these are the main objectives of language teaching at Sciences Po Lille.

Language conferences combine the study of the history, politics and culture of the countries concerned with the practice of the language, both written and spoken.


*Apprenticeship training:

The apprenticeship is open to students having followed in the first year of the master’s cycle the specialty “Strategy and communication of organizations” major “International trade and finance” (CFI) or “Management of cultural institutions” (MIC). The training courses are also open to the pooling of the ScPo network.

The apprenticeship alternates theoretical training within Sciences Po Lille and practical training within the company, within the framework of a specific employment contract.


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