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Panyapiwat Institute of Management is a Corporate University. Funded by CP All PLC, the institute is a primary training and recruitment center for CP All’s huge workforce of 120,000 plus personnel.

The institute practices “Work Based Learning” which requires the students to do internships in CP All PLC itself and its partner companies. CP All is the franchisee of 7-Eleven stores in Thailand with over 10,000 stores nationwide, as of June 2017. It also has other businesses including food processing, retail equipments, marketing, information technology etc.

The students will be under the supervision of professionals from the school and in their internship work. The idea is to have real work experience by the time they graduate so that the students will know the problem and the solution of actual working environment in line with their career.

PIM does not offer on-campus accommodation yet, but it offers detailed information on off-campus rooms nearby.

Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) is Thailand’s first and largest Corporate University, founded in 2007, under CP ALL Plc, a member of Charoen Pokphand (C.P.) Group.  PIM was founded with the vision of creating capable and ready-to-work professionals through a careful blend of theoretical and professional, Work-based Education. Currently, it has over 19,000 students studying in 10 different faculties, 2 colleges and 33 different programs.


Work-based Education Philosophy

The students have access to valuable corporate mentorship, exclusive company visits, and guest lectures from industry leaders. The International College also provides guidance and assistance for career development and launching students’ start-ups. Many alumni have been able to take advantage of this assistance and have launched their careers and their businesses successfully.


International Programs

PIM International program has three streams:

1. BBA in Modern Trade Business Management (iMTM)

The class of 2019 had 73% international students with an average iELTS score of 5.0. The duration of the course is 3.5 years. The iMTM course has been carefully modeled according to CP ALL’s experience in the retail management business. It is the first and only program in Thailand where the course is divided into 65% course work and 35% internship. The students get the opportunity to go for internship four times (for a total of 12 months) and engage different aspects of business for a well-rounded experience.

By the time the students graduate, they are more competitive in the job market with more internship experience than their counterparts. The university also provides iMTM students with a Career Development Roadmap and counsels students according to their aspirations. The students can also apply for foreign exchange programs.


2. Master of Business Administration in International Business (iMBA)

The iMBA program runs for 2 years. The class of 2019 had 88% international students and 52% female students.

PIM’s iMBA curriculum stands out from other MBA programs in Thailand as it revolves around the Work-based Education model. The students apart from taking advantage of the CP Group’s extensive business network, also enjoy perks such as relevant company visits for all the subjects taught, overseas immersion, corporate mentors, and business practicum. Students also get an insight into the business relationship between China and ASEAN countries in the program’s China ASEAN Module.

The iMBA students get a unique opportunity to take part in the Start-up academy where experienced business people guide them to launch their start-ups. In addition, they have access to international seminars and exclusive networking events.


Take the Initiative

Take a step towards a brighter future and reach out to learn more about these programs. You can visit the International Program website as well as talk directly to the International Marketing and Recruitment crew, K.Joyce +66 88 695 5694 and K.Gift +66 81 157 3837 or send them an e-mail to [email protected]

  • H.Y.M

    Rating: 1 / 5

    Would not recommend IC programs to anyone, as long as they continue to hire Pirun Chitrudi Amphai in any way, shape, or form. That despicable woman assaulted me by throwing someone else’s phone in my face, and the school just keeps sweeping things under the rug.

  • Hanno Ritter

    Rating: 1 / 5

    An International program that is not foreigner-friendly.

    1) Registration on website only in Thai, and link to download registration form is broken: CHECK

    2) Responding 2 weeks after second attempt at requesting registration form via email: CHECK

    3) Template response to inquiry, let alone regarding serious allegations of staff abusing students: CHECK

    Clearly a worse way to spend 12,000 Euros compared to buying crypto.

  • Irina Ignatova

    Rating: 1 / 5

    This program just about showcases the most sorry excuse of feminism I have ever seen in a professional setting. From what I gathered, IC staff in general ignore student welfare, and are covering other female staffs’ wrongdoing just to save face. How are you supposed to run a credible and trustworthy program when you keep the bad apples, and refuse to kick them out? In case any of you are wondering, I have seen too much of this kind of nonsense in Canada, and even back in Russia to the point that I smell it miles away.

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