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The University Master in Management and Business Administration (MBA ) is designed for professionals who want to develop their leadership skills . The program is a unique opportunity for improvement of people with a strong impact on the professional level. Based primarily on improving skills and knowledge acquisition to direct challenges , respecting ethics.

The University Master MBA from the International University of the Canary Islands provides knowledge and expertise in this process. In the past twenty years we have been giving these training programs with the Bravo Murillo International Institute , we have located one of the best schools in Canary Islands administration, for our training sessions more than 10,000 people found novel perspective to develop have gone to peak their work and contribute to the progress of your organization, your industry and society in general.


Scheduled: 1 year
Lead Center International University of the Canary Islands
Management Center Barcelona School of Management
(Barcelona city)
 Start date                              October

 Price                                       8.500€


The challenge of the International University of the Canary Islands, is to continue to run the International Institute Bravo Murillo , is the personal and professional growth of each and every one of those involved in our programs. To achieve this goal , we make a learning culture , placing at the center of our concerns professional and personal development of all participants. This approach, focused on people, reflects the aim of managers must be to serve the individual and society .

It is our desire to continue to provide this training environment business leaders, to get in the direction of their organizations successful long-term development of the people around them and a contribution to the new challenges borne by society.

Inside and outside the classroom , our students have had the support of their teachers. Authentic teachers who have accompanied taking with them the business reality day by day, from the scientific rigor and a global perspective.

His teachings have formed leaders who are valued for their action orientation , an outstanding ability to work in teams and manage people maintaining humanistic and ethical values. These leaders want them to continue training in our institution.

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In the case of Master in Management and Business Administration (MBA) an offer that was necessary for modern society is comprised. Indeed, many current officials for several reasons work after finishing college. Among those reasons are the need to obtain income and develop work experience that upgrade their skills. In the future this is going to give not only to finish the degree, or what was the old bachelor, but even after a postgraduate course in their specialty; for example, a Master in Engineering, Chemistry or Linguistics, etc. After a few years of work in the chosen specialty, experience shows that gaps in corporate training are observed; for example in management control in the risk assessment of the company, the ability to obtain financial resources, inability to understand the accounting process or the same idea, to lead people and evaluate competently, develop marketing plans and business, designing corporate strategy, etc.

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