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The Manchester Business School (MBS) Singapore Centre is a branch campus of the UK-based Manchester Business School, which is part of the University of Manchester. The MBS Singapore Centre offers a range of postgraduate business degree programs, including MBA, Master of Finance, and Master of Marketing.

The MBA program at the MBS Singapore Centre is a part-time program that is designed to be completed over two years. The program is divided into three parts: Foundation, Elective, and Applied Learning. The Foundation component covers essential business skills and knowledge, while the Elective component allows students to choose courses that align with their career goals and interests. Finally, the Applied Learning component involves a consulting project where students apply their skills to a real-world business problem.

The Master of Finance program is also a part-time program that can be completed over two years. The program focuses on the financial analysis of companies, investments, and financial markets. Students in this program can also choose from a range of electives, such as Financial Derivatives, Investment Banking, and Real Estate Investment.

The Master of Marketing program is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of marketing concepts, strategies, and techniques. Students in this program can choose from electives such as Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management, and Digital Marketing.

The MBS Singapore Centre has a strong faculty with diverse backgrounds and extensive industry experience. The faculty includes professors from the University of Manchester, as well as industry experts and practitioners. The school also has strong connections to the business community in Singapore, providing students with opportunities to engage with local companies and organizations.

In addition to the academic programs, the MBS Singapore Centre also offers executive education programs, professional development courses, and customized training for organizations. The school’s Executive Education programs cover a range of topics such as leadership, strategy, finance, and marketing. Customized training programs can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization and can be delivered on-site or at the MBS Singapore Centre.

Manchester Business School Singapore Centre offers a range of quality business programs that are designed to meet the needs of working professionals. With its strong faculty, diverse student body, and extensive industry connections, the MBS Singapore Centre provides a dynamic and engaging learning environment for students looking to advance their careers in business.

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