Konkuk University

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Konkuk University is a private university located in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded in 1931 as Chosun School of Politics, and has since grown into one of the leading institutions of higher education in the country. The university is composed of 17 undergraduate colleges and 14 graduate schools, including the College of Business Administration, which is one of the top business schools in Korea.

The College of Business Administration at Konkuk University offers a variety of programs for students interested in pursuing business and management careers. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in business theory and practice, and to prepare them for leadership roles in a variety of industries. The MBA program is offered in two formats: a full-time program, which takes two years to complete, and a part-time program, which takes three years to complete.

The curriculum for the MBA program at Konkuk University includes courses in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management, and statistics. The program also includes a number of elective courses, allowing students to tailor their studies to their specific interests and career goals. The school offers a variety of resources to help students succeed in the program, including career counseling, networking events, and internship opportunities.

In addition to the MBA program, the College of Business Administration at Konkuk University offers a number of other graduate programs, including Master of Science (MS) programs in accounting, finance, marketing, and management, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in business administration. The college is also home to several research centers and institutes, including the Konkuk Business Research Institute, which conducts research on a variety of business topics and provides resources for students and faculty members.

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