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In 2013, KEDGE was born from the merger of 2 renowned Business Schools, well established in their respective territories but also already enjoying international influence: BEM and Euromed Management.

-BEM in Bordeaux since 1874

-Euromed Management in Marseille since 1872

-KEDGE, a new player in higher education: 2012: BEM and Euromed Management announced their merger

2013: The KEDGE BS group is legally constituted

2015: Opening of the KEDGE Business Club, the group’s Parisian campus

2017 and 2018: Inauguration of incubators on the Marseille and Bordeaux campuses

2018 and 2019: New campuses in Paris and Toulon, eco-responsible extension of the Marseille campus and inauguration of new spaces on the Bordeaux campus

2019: KEDGE Design opening in Marseille

2020: Creation of the KEDGE Wine School and launch of the Doctoral School:



International strategy:> Maintain the capacity of our Faculty to conduct high-quality, high-impact research, particularly within our three Centers of Excellence and in our five areas of Expertise, and train students and professionals through our recruitment strategy of international talent.

>Develop the notoriety of our brand, by focusing on offering extremely attractive programs for international students:

Suitable for undergraduates: International BBA

Suitable for master’s level students: 3 high-quality MSc programs, based on our expertise and our excellent international ranking: MAI (Management of international purchasing and innovation), ISLI (Supply Chain Management) and Wines and Spirits Management;

Suitable for experienced managers: International MBA;

Suitable for decision makers: Euro-Asia DBA and Art DBA.

>Provide a valuable multicultural experience for students on our French campuses, by increasing the number of foreign students and adding an international dimension to our internal culture.

>Increase the satisfaction of our international students by improving their experience before (admission process), during (educational quality) and after the course (employability in France and abroad, active network of former students).

>Maintain our strength in student mobility by targeting high quality partners.

>Strengthen our ability to rapidly increase the number of fee-paying students we recruit.

Use our campuses abroad to allow students who do not plan to come to France, for financial or cultural reasons, to benefit from our expertise.



As such, Kedge’s international strategy is based on the understanding that the objectives defined in the 2015-2020 strategic plan can only be achieved through a dynamic quality and accreditation policy. In this regard, Kedge Business School succeeded in renewing its AACSB accreditation in 2015 and achieved all three international accreditations.



Train managers to be operational internationally;

Offer programs that attract international students;

Provide an educational portfolio for home-based executives and those working internationally;

Collaborate with corporate recruiters to define the profiles of international undergraduate students; and

Guarantee the integration of CSR into managerial practice.



KEDGE Programs:

-KEDGE Wine School:

*MSc Wine & Hospitality Management

*Wine & Spirits Management Programs (MVS)

-Specialized programs:

*MSc Management Control and Reporting

*ISMQ – Quality Management

*IMR – Risk Management

*MSc Corporate Finance

*MSc Innovation, Transformation, Entrepreneurship

*MSc Banking & Finance

*Marketing Digital & Data

*International Trade & Logistics

*MSc Sustainable Finance

*MSc Arts & Creative Industries management

*MS Audit & Performance Management

*Specialized Master in Health Innovation

*MAY – International Purchasing & Innovation Management

*MSc Marketing

*MSc Digital Marketing & sales

*ISLI – Global supply chain management

*Master management international – International Business

*MSc International sport & event management

*Specialized Master in Patrimonial and Real Estate Management – IMPI

  • Reda Khelfi

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Excellent facilities, listening teachers, a superb field of application of theoretical knowledge acquired through student associations and a fusion that is gradually being set up and will be able to offer real + future students.

    I wrote my story.
    Thanks for all.

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