Jinan University

2.50 / 5

  • Alex Wei

    Rating: 4 / 5

    I love our JNU, science and engineering is a weak point.But MBA Program is awesome in our university…

  • Brenna

    Rating: 1 / 5

    I was awarded a full scholarship to complete my MBA at Jinan University and less than half way through the program I decided to walk away. The SiMBA program boasts of a providing a diverse education from the Chinese management prospective; from my first hand experience it is anything but. The program does not vet potential international MBA candidates – it seemed that if you had a foreign passport, you were admitted into the program. An example of this is that in my cohort there was a convicted pedophile who had a landscape diploma from a community college in Minnesota. I quit my promising job in Vancouver Canada and was utterly disappointed in not only the students, but the curriculum and teaching staff. Almost all the professors did not have a strong enough handle on English to be teaching in an English program; there were of course a few exceptions, but not enough to matter. The first semester I sat 13 classes. As a business school graduate working in the AEC industry for over 5 years perhaps my expectations were different than my classmates who had random degrees and no experience. But in an MBA program I expected that I would not have to sit and listen for 8 hours on how to write a memo…a MEMO! The curriculum at Jinan is behind the times. The poor quality of instruction and curriculum were brought to the attention of the leadership, but no changes were made while I attended. After one semester of studies I decided to cut my losses and return to Canada. I felt like I would be a liar telling people I had an MBA if I had stuck out the program and received the degree. It was a test of patience and lesson in life.

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