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IPAG Business School is a private business school located in Paris, France. The school was founded in 1965 and has since expanded to include campuses in Nice and Kunming, China.

IPAG offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), several Master’s in Management programs (including a bilingual French-English program), as well as Executive Education and MBA programs.

The duration of the Master’s in Management programs is typically two years, and the cost varies depending on the program and location. Admissions requirements include a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and proficiency in English or French depending on the program’s language of instruction.

GMAT is not required for admission, but the school may require other standardized tests or interviews. The student body at IPAG is diverse, with a significant percentage of international students.

IPAG Business School is ranked among the top business schools in France and Europe by various publications, including the Financial Times, QS World University Rankings, and Eduniversal. The school is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles.

The language of instruction at IPAG is primarily French, but some programs are taught in English or bilingual. The faculty at IPAG is composed of experienced professionals and academics from various fields of expertise.

Tuition fees for the Master’s in Management programs at IPAG range from €12,000 to €16,500 per year, depending on the program and location. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive business education with a focus on practical skills and international exposure.

The alumni network at IPAG includes over 10,000 graduates working in various industries around the world. According to the school’s website, 90% of IPAG graduates find employment within six months of graduation.



Promote management adapted to a globalized and rapidly changing world

To this end, IPAG relies on:

first-rate research that allows him to continuously enrich his teaching,

close proximity to the business world,

opening up of students to the diversity of cultures and knowledge,

raising students’ awareness of major contemporary issues and ethics.

Our ambition is therefore to train agile, versatile and responsible managers.



-In Paris, in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés and at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

Our “historic” Parisian campus is ideally located, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the center of cultural and intellectual life in the capital.

Since the start of the 2021 school year, IPAG has inaugurated its second Parisian campus, in the 15th arrondissement: a brand new space of 5,000 m², fully connected, with a media library, numerous co-working rooms, a cafeteria and a gymnasium. The building even includes an organic vegetable garden and beehives on its roof.

-In Nice, between the sea and mountains

Established in the heart of Nice for more than 30 years, on the site of the former Chamber of Trades, our campus, whose facade is classified, welcomes more than 1,000 students of over 40 nationalities in various programs. The study conditions are ideal: two large amphitheatres, a garden, a cafeteria, and two sunny terraces, of course.



The course at IPAG systematically includes at least six months of study abroad. For this, the school relies on an international network of 35 strategic partners on all continents.

*Asia Pacific


*Latin America / Caribbean

*North America



Strengthened partnerships are distinguished from others by the presence of IPAG representation within the partner university.




The Grande École Program (PGE) is a 5-year program, approved by the State, which leads to the degree of Master.

It consists of two cycles: a first, of 3 years, devoted to learning the fundamentals of management, economics and management; a second, 2 years, dedicated to specializing in one of the 10 majors offered at IPAG.

The PGE also allows you to obtain an international double degree with a partner university (British, Russian or American).






The American Track is the English version of the Grande École Program (PGE).

The course also consists of two cycles: a first, of 3 years, devoted to learning the fundamentals; a second, 2 years, dedicated to specialization. All lessons in this program are taught in English. A very good level in this area is therefore required.

At the end of the first year, all students have the opportunity to follow a 6-week summer session at UC Berkeley in California.

Finally, the American Track also allows you to obtain an international double degree with a partner university (British, Russian or American).




This specific course of the Grande École Program, in partnership with the Turin Polytechnic School, trains professionals with dual skills: engineering and management.

It allows you to obtain three diplomas:

– an international Bachelor in Engineering from the end of the 3rd year

– a Master of Science (Laurea magistrale) in production engineering and industrial innovation from the Politecnico in Turin.

– the Diploma of the Grande École Program (Master’s degree) from IPAG.

At the end of your five-year course – 3 years on the Nice campus (1st, 2nd and 4th years) and 2 years in Turin (3rd and 5th year) – you can take advantage of a trilingual profile tailored for the ‘international.




The DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) is the highest academic distinction in management. The program is aimed at senior executives and experienced executives.

During this course, you will first familiarize yourself with the methodology and applied research in management sciences (1 year) before carrying out your field study and preparing for the defense of your thesis (2 years).


-BTS BACHELOR PRO COURSE (BAC + 2 / BAC + 3): Presentation

The BTS-Bachelor Pro course is a professional training, which allows you to prepare – in two years – the national exam for the Higher Technician’s Certificate (BTS), before continuing your studies, if you wish, with a year in Bachelor .

At the end of your course, you are fully operational in the job market with potentially two diplomas on your CV: a BTS Bac + 2 and a Bachelor at Bac + 3 levels.




The IPAG Bachelor is a diploma program at Bac + 3 level, approved by the State. It is highly appreciated by recruiters for its professional and international character.

From the 1st year, you choose an area of ​​expertise and gradually increase your skills to be fully operational in the job market, at the end of your course.



IPAG allows you to start your three or five-year course with a two-year preparatory program on its Abidjan campus, during which you acquire the fundamentals of management and management and complete two 9-week internships. each.

At the end of these two years, you will continue your studies in Europe in one of IPAG’s degree programs, depending on your professional aspirations: the Bachelor (Bac + 3), the BBA (Bac + 3) or the Grande École Program (Bac + 5). All of them are recognized internationally and make you fully operational in the job market.

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