IONIS School of Technology and Management

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Tailor-made courses:

The school is aimed at students who already have prior training acquired at Bac + 3, + 4, + 5, or +8, the pre-MSC year can also accommodate profiles from Bac + 2.

Depending on their previous career, the student has access to tailor-made courses opening onto clearly identified careers.

4 sectors of the future:

-Biotechnologies & Management

The large pharmaceutical, cosmetic or agro-food industries are looking for profiles with both a strong scientific culture and solid managerial knowledge. At each stage of a product’s production chain, there are trades for which dual skills are essential: project manager, clinical researcher, quality engineer, study manager, product manager …

4 MSc (Master of Science)

*MSc (Master of Science) Innovation & Development

*MSc (Master of Science) Quality & Bioproduction

*MSc (Master of Science) Marketing e-Health

*MSc (Master of Science) Digital transformation


-Digital & Management

The manager of tomorrow, in addition to having excellent interpersonal skills, must understand business issues and be able to rely on digital technology to propose relevant strategies. For profiles in human sciences, literature, finance, psychology, sociology or human resources, a dual digital skill is an undeniable asset, even essential. Ionis-STM strengthens your business skills by supplementing them with this digital asset.

4 MSc (Master of Science)

*MSc (Master of Science) Digital transformation

*MSc (Master of Science) IT Finance

*MSc (Master of Science) HR & Digital

*(Master of Science) Webmarketing

-Energy & Management

To meet growing demand, the energy sector is constantly developing new forms and sources of supply. All energy undergoes numerous transformations during its production, delivery and distribution, and each of these stages calls for numerous technical and managerial professions. The needs of companies are then based on dual skill profiles capable of understanding all the stages, managing them and enhancing them. Ionis-STM also trains on major current issues: the integration of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

4 MSc (Master of Science)

*MSc (Master of Science) Engineering & Development

*MSc (Master of Science) Optimization & Sustainable Energies

*MSc (Master of Science) Business & Strategy

*MSc (Master of Science) Digital transformation

-Computer science & Management

For IT enthusiasts and experts, the dual skills allow them to develop a relevant perspective on the technologies to be deployed, to quickly gain skills in emerging technologies, to manage and thus take part in exciting projects. To those who wish to capitalize on their IT background, the dual competence offers the necessary strategic vision and the ability to provide relevant solutions. And it’s up to everyone to become the future project managers and IT directors so sought after by companies.

3 MSc (Master of Science)

*MSc (Master of Science) Business & IA

*MSc (Master of Science) Data Analysis

*MSc (Master of Science) Cybersecurity


Where do our graduates work?

They then evolve either within their company, or by changing their structure, towards new career opportunities. Today, our graduates in Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Energy and Biotechnology are spread over nearly 450 different companies across a wide spectrum of sectors.


School at the gates of Paris

Contact & address

15 rue Maurice Grandcoing

94200 Ivry-sur-Seine


Phone. reception: 01 53 14 59 26

Phone. Admissions service: 01 53 14 59 29

Mail: [email protected]

  • Medium Language English, French
  • Country France/ Paris

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