Humboldt State University

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Humboldt State University (HSU) is a public university located in Arcata, California, United States. The university was founded in 1913 as Humboldt State Normal School, with the goal of preparing teachers for careers in the local public school system. Today, the university has a student body of over 7,500 students and offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in areas such as natural resources, social sciences, arts and humanities, education, and business.

HSU is known for its strong focus on sustainability, with many of its degree programs incorporating environmental studies and natural resource management into their curricula. The university is located in a unique region of California known for its stunning natural beauty, which provides ample opportunities for students to engage in outdoor recreation and environmental studies. HSU is also home to a number of research centers and institutes focused on sustainability, including the Schatz Energy Research Center, the Redwood Sciences Laboratory, and the Klamath Environmental Research Center.

In addition to its strong academic programs, HSU is also known for its commitment to social justice and community engagement. The university hosts a number of programs and initiatives aimed at promoting equity and inclusion, including the Multicultural Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and the Queer Resource Center. HSU is also committed to promoting civic engagement and community service, with many opportunities for students to participate in service learning and volunteer activities in the local community.

Overall, Humboldt State University is a well-regarded institution with a strong commitment to sustainability, social justice, and community engagement. Its location in a region of California known for its natural beauty, combined with its focus on environmental studies and natural resource management, makes it an attractive option for students interested in these areas of study.

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