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At GMC we do business a little differently. Our distance learning program weaves sustainability through the entire MBA curriculum. The program emphasizes the development of skills, knowledge, and management techniques that are critical for leaders in business, nonprofits, and governmental organizations.

Green Mountain College offers the premier, 100% Online Sustainable MBA. “Green” isn’t just a word we throw around: we practice what we teach. Green Mountain College has been teaching sustainability for nearly 20 years, and we have been recognized many times for our sustainability leadership. The College has landed on the Princeton Review’s Green Honor Roll in each of the last five years (ranking second in the nation in 2015) and received the #1 rating in the 2018 Sierra magazine’s annual “Cool Schools” issue.  In 2018 we were also again recognized as the #1 sustainability curriculum and college by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

We’re not newcomers to the online learning; our online Sustainable MBA program was introduced in 2006, the first 100% online Sustainable MBA in the nation. Our faculty members have expertise as business people and as online instructors, providing a rich, meaningful learning experience for students.

Our Sustainable MBA program is designed to teach students how to achieve their economic objectives while addressing the needs of the environment, employees, communities, and other stakeholders. The program reflects the growing trend among successful companies to focus on the triple bottom line, seeking competitive advantages through practices that are succeed economically, are socially responsible, and environmentally sound. Students will make connections between their own organization’s financial, social and environmental performance and we encourage students to apply their learning to their own careers.

The program provides students with a solid foundation in the core areas of business administration including: finance, accounting, marketing, organizational leadership, business law, operations, quantitative analysis, and ethics. But what makes our Sustainable MBA truly unique is that the principles of sustainable business are woven through every course and taught by committed faculty who possess real-world sustainable business experience. Our faculty members have highly regarded professional backgrounds and they are committed to helping students understand today’s sustainable business issues and challenges.

Our online Sustainable MBA program consists of 37 credits. Each 3-credit course is just six weeks in length, followed by a one-week break before the start of the next course. We cap each course at 20 students, but our typical class size is 10-18 students: perfect for individualized attention and quality group discussion.

The courses that make up the 37 credits in the Sustainable MBA program are intended to be taken in a linear sequence, with each course building upon the knowledge and content learned in prior courses. To learn more about the Sustainable MBA program, please request more information to gain access to your personal Green Mountain College Admissions Portal.

  • BUS 5020 Sustainable Organization Management: A Triple Bottom Line Perspective
  • BUS 5030 Organizational Behavior in Sustainable Organizations
  • BUS 5045 Sustainable Operations and Systems Thinking
  • BUS 5050 Sustainable Marketing
  • BUS 5060 Triple Bottom Line Measurement and Reporting
  • BUS 5070 Stakeholder Economics & Sustainable Performance Management
  • BUS 5080 Accounting for Sustainable Organization Management
  • BUS 5090 Ethical Issues & Legal Environment
  • BUS 5110 Financial Measures of Added Value
  • BUS 6010 Leadership, Values, and Decision Making
  • BUS 6020 Competitive & Strategic Management – A Stakeholder Approach
  • BUS 6090 Capstone Project I
  • BUS 6091 Capstone Project II


Here’s what makes the GMC Sustainable MBA program so unique:

In-Depth Exploration & Application of Sustainable Business Concepts and Practices: We weave sustainability throughout our entire MBA curriculum. Our program emphasizes the development of skills and knowledge to achieve and maintain sustainable competitive advantage. You can apply what you learn in their current organizations, enhancing the student’s and the organization’s reputations and value. You’ll learn important foundational management techniques that are critical for leaders in business, nonprofits, and governmental organizations.

Low Residency Requirement Reduces Travel Time & Expense: We only require one residency per year, and unlike other sustainable MBA programs, we use our residencies to build relationships and learning among our students, faculty, scholars in residence and sustainable business leaders. This means you will spend less money obtaining your MBA degree and less time away from work and family.

Leading Faculty: Faculty members possess in-depth experience teaching and practicing sustainable business. Many have held executive positions at leading sustainable businesses and have extensive networks in the sustainable business community.

Recognized College Leadership in Sustainability: Green Mountain College has been focused on sustainability for nearly two decades and is consistently ranked among the top colleges and universities in the world for sustainability based education.

Student Variety: GMC students span the United States and the globe, bringing a breadth of perspectives and experiences not available in programs that draw most students from the same geographic area.

Alumni Accomplishment: Our alumni have applied their GMC Sustainable MBA to become chief sustainability officers, start their own sustainability consulting practices and deepen the practice of sustainability within their existing organizations and communities. Because of the relationships formed throughout the program, our alumni remain connected with one another and GMC, creating a rich network of sustainable business practitioners.

Proven Online Learning System & Small Classes Facilitate Learning: We’ve been teaching online longer than any other sustainable MBA program. You can focus on their studies, not on dealing with technological glitches. In addition, we cap classes at no more than 20 students per section. This ensures you can meaningfully interact with their fellow students and receive individualized attention from the course instructor.

  • Medium Language English
  • Country United States
  • Accreditation Not Reported


Green Mountain College is a private college located in Poultney, Vermont, United States. The School of Business at Green Mountain College offers an MBA program with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. The MBA program at Green Mountain College has a duration of 42 credit hours, which can typically be completed in two years of full-time study. The program is taught in English and is available in both online and on-campus formats. The cost of the MBA program at Green Mountain College is $665 per credit hour for both in-state and out-of-state students. Admissions requirements for the MBA program at Green Mountain College include a bachelor's degree, a minimum GPA of 3.0, and a satisfactory score on the GMAT or GRE. The average GMAT score for admitted students to the MBA program at Green Mountain College is not disclosed. The application deadline for the MBA program at Green Mountain College is not disclosed. The student body at Green Mountain College is diverse, with students from a range of countries and backgrounds. The average work experience of students in the MBA program at Green Mountain College is not disclosed. Green Mountain College is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). The School of Business at Green Mountain College is also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The language of instruction at Green Mountain College is English. The faculty at Green Mountain College includes experienced professionals and scholars from a range of business disciplines. Tuition fees for the MBA program at Green Mountain College are $665 per credit hour for both in-state and out-of-state students. The curriculum of the MBA program at Green Mountain College includes courses in finance, marketing, management, and economics, among others.

  • Ian Lanza

    Rating: 5 / 5

    At Alfred I got interested in the place where politics and the environment intersect—business was one of the missing pieces for me. GMC was a great fit because it incorporated sustainability into business strategy.

    At the time there weren’t many MBA programs offering a sustainable business track,” he says. “GMC was, and still is, a pioneer in that space.

    The MBA actually helped me make a double jump at Triumvirate into a service director position. I’ve been able to help the organization develop more environmentally sustainable service programs. This has differentiated Triumvirate and allowed our customer to improve their sustainability performance.

  • Kat McCarthy

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I was specifically looking for a program that connected my experience in sustainability with a stronger business mindset—our organization really focuses on the triple bottom line, although I hadn’t directly thought of it that way. The degree has given me a lot of tools, and a lot of possible directions for the future.

  • David Widener

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I was interested in living an environmentally conscious lifestyle, before the word ‘sustainable’ was fashionable, so I was intrigued by GMC’s program. Logistically it made a lot of sense because I could continue working while earning a degree.

    Think about it this way—it’s late and you have a big project due. The geographical distance between you and your professors and classmates can ordinarily make that a pretty lonely experience. But knowing all my fellow students and professors personally is reassuring. You have that personal connection and sense of shared purpose.

  • Gina Del Vecchio

    Rating: 5 / 5

    There were many schools that began introducing sustainability out here on the west coast, but I was attracted to GMC because of the many businesses in the northeast that were already incorporating triple bottom line into their operations.

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