At the Falmouth Business School we challenge the traditional model that separates education from real business. Here students don’t just learn about contemporary business theory, they apply it immediately to their own companies.

We launched in 2015 with a strategy to focus on high-impact courses that prioritise learning by doing, thinking creatively and being market led. It is a formula that builds upon Falmouth’s 110+ year legacy of creative entrepreneurship, applying our expertise to new ventures and those that lead them.

Organisations right across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors require commercially minded individuals with the potential to think differently – ‘intrapreneurs’ who can help differentiate them from the competition or respond to growing financial, environmental and social challenges. We aim to answer this need through our graduates.

Our staff

Students are supported by an excellent staff of business leaders and professional mentors. You’ll also be encouraged to harness the broader expertise available within the institution and apply it to your own enterprise.

Our outcomes

Our postgraduate Launchpad programme offers the opportunity for graduates to create businesses to order where we have already identified a market need, potential launch customers and investors. This offers the possibility of a directorship, a shareholding in a company and a Masters in Entrepreneurship at the end.