Executive MBA Program – Athabasca University

5.00 / 5
  • Tamara C

    Rating: 5 / 5

    This is a great university experience. The fees are straightforward, and the information regarding policies and procedures are quite easy to find. Any interaction that I have had with my professors and tutors has been very positive and helpful. The interactions that I have had with the administration and support staff has been polite and I have been informed of the correct department if I called the wrong one.

    No one is holding my hand to get me through to my second year. It has been challenging to manage my time and follow the study guides for my computer science classes. This is exactly what anyone should expect from an online university experience. Freedom to divide your time as you need, and freedom from the chaos and expense of travelling 2 hours a day just to get to and from a campus. I might suggest that a person needing a Prof looking over their shoulder and the momentum of a classroom setting to keep them on track, may find themselves happier at a full time campus.

    If you want challenging classes with many of the same textbooks that are used at campus universities in North America, and if you can prioritize your assignments and exam scheduling well, then you will love the opportunity of pursuing your dream here.

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