Executive MBA – CESTE Escuela Internacional de Negocios

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  • Helena Pilar Araus

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I decided to study at CESTE because I was looking for a practical training, where I also learned languages ​​and to use a computer (then they were new technologies …) now it seems evident but I studied the race from 90 to 94 and we already had one computer per person (of course neither internet, nor windows existed at the user level, so let’s not talk about social networks). Of course, they taught us to learn so we have been able to, by our own means, learn to manage rnos with a tool so essential right now for our jobs and our daily life as the computer. Also, at CESTE I was able to start my professional career and I had the opportunity to reach a directive position in the same institution so I can not do anything but feel deeply satisfied with the decision I made in my day and try to tell the four winds that studying at CESTE is the best choice. STILL ON TIME!

  • Marta James

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Wonderful experience and teachings. Worthy of recommending. Super skilled teachers dedicated to teaching their students, with a lot of dedication and above all love for what they do.

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