Ecole des Ponts Business School

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École des Ponts Business School is a leading business school located in Champs-sur-Marne, France. Here is some information about the school:

  • Name of School of Business: École des Ponts Business School
  • MBA Programs: The school offers a full-time MBA program that lasts for 12 months. The program has a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Cost: The tuition fee for the full-time MBA program is €47,000.
  • Enrollment: The school has a small student body, with around 50 students enrolled in the MBA program.
  • Admissions Requirements: Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and at least three years of professional experience. They must also provide a GMAT or GRE score, and demonstrate proficiency in English.
  • GMAT Score: The average GMAT score for the latest MBA class was 650.
  • Application Deadline: The application deadline for the next MBA class is in May.
  • Start Date: The MBA program starts in September.
  • Study Mode: The program is offered in full-time mode.
  • Student Body: The student body is diverse, with students from around 20 countries. The school has a focus on sustainability and innovation.
  • Rankings: The school is ranked #2 in France by the Financial Times’ European Business School Rankings 2021.
  • Accreditations: The school is accredited by AACSB and AMBA.
  • Language of Instruction: The language of instruction is English.
  • Faculty: The faculty is composed of experienced professors and business practitioners.
  • Tuition Fees: The tuition fee for the full-time MBA program is €47,000.
  • Curriculum: The curriculum is focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, with courses on topics such as innovation management, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development.
  • Alumni: The school has a strong alumni network, with over 22,000 alumni worldwide. The employment rate after graduation is high, with over 90% of graduates finding employment within 6 months of graduation.
  • Reputation: École des Ponts Business School is known for its focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, and has a strong reputation in the field.


Information: École des Ponts ParisTech is a large French school. Since 1747, it has trained high-level engineers, future leaders and researchers capable of meeting the challenges of society and of transforming it. Beyond civil engineering and regional planning, which have historically made its prestige, the School develops training and research excellence related to the challenges of energy transition.  The École des Ponts ParisTech offers a very high level of general engineering training.   The School's Graduate School, which relies on the excellence of its 12 research laboratories, develops master's and doctoral programs in mechanics and civil engineering, materials sciences, nuclear engineering, mathematics, computer science, science of the environment, town planning, transport, economy and sociology. Through its subsidiaries or on its own, it also develops professional programs (in particular Specialized Masters) in the fields of initial and continuing training, strongly linked to the economic sectors. It is thus a key player in the continuing education of senior executives in its areas of expertise.

The engineering training of the École des Ponts ParisTech prepares each student to become an actor in development and sustainable planning in all its dimensions. Objectives: training, research, international and company integration.
The masters of the École des Ponts ParisTech complete the training offer of the engineering diploma. The M2 offered last between 12 and 18 months and follow a first year of a more general master's (M1) or a recognized diploma at Bac + 4 or 5 level. École des Ponts ParisTech offers its own M1 for Energy Mentions. , Transport-Mobilities-Networks and Mathematics and applications.
Lasting 12 to 15 months, the Specialized Master (MS) is a diploma labeled and accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE). By following this type of training, our participants choose to develop a specialization and acquire a dual skill to make a difference in the job market. Our programs include a minimum of 350 hours of lessons (theoretical and practical), taught by teachers from the academic and professional worlds as well as the writing of a professional thesis presented during a defense. Each MS is designed as a response to real and specific business needs. Full-time or part-time, our training courses can be followed by young graduates wishing to specialize or by more experienced profiles within the framework of continuing education.
  • DOCTORAL STUDIES: The School trains young French and foreign researchers in research in its 12 laboratories of excellence and awards a doctorate from the National School of Bridges and Roads.
GOING FOR A DOUBLE-DIPLOMA: Any student who has followed the first year of engineering training at the École des Ponts ParisTech (resulting from the joint competition and admitted on a L3 title) has the opportunity to obtain, simultaneously with their diploma, a diploma from one of the foreign universities that are partners of the École des Ponts ParisTech. WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF DOUBLE-DIPLOMA AGREEMENTS SIGNED BY THE SCHOOL As part of a double-degree agreement, the study stay in the third year is taken as a substitute for the entire year. This academic training allows students to obtain a diploma from the École des Ponts as well as that of the partner university.   AS PART OF SCHOOL APPROVED TRAINING You can also apply to foreign universities as part of master's level training, approved by the École des Ponts and giving rise to a study contract. Each year, the teaching council and the research council of the École des Ponts ParisTech validate the official list of its approved training courses which replace the 3rd year and are necessary for obtaining the engineering diploma. ParisTech Bridge School 6-8 avenue Blaise-Pascal Cite Descartes 77455 Champs-sur-Marne Marne-la-Vallée cedex 2 Switchboard: +33 (0) 1 64 15 30 00

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