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We give our students the tools of professional development so that they might further their careers through an influx of experience and knowledge. Part of our strength in teaching comes from our multicultural approach to learning, adapting our students to a highly-globalized world. Through the excellence of our programs, taught by experts and researchers, the IIM aims to meet the expectations of both students and companies, and to anticipate the perpetual transformations of the professional environment.


Mission of the IIM

Train our students to become managers, engineers, executives, experts, consultants and all around leaders;

Develop and widen their skill set, and prepare them for any business setting and scenario;

Expand their management experience through educational simulations, like leading an operational unit or practicing as a consultant.


Objectives & offers

We develop relationships with both the general and specialized management of the company, always taking a professional, diplomatic approach with our students futures in mind.

Our objectives: We aim to help our students, who range from experienced technicians, executives, managers, engineers, experts and consultants, to expand their professional experience and widen their competences in the field of management. Once they graduate, we know our students will be well-equipped to oversee any operational unit, become an international consultant, or possess any other job or leader position they would like to pursue.

Our offers: A wide range of courses, in congruence with both the European and International standard. Classes are taught in French and / or English, and have programs for both full time and part time students. We also offer training programs to gain hands-on experience, with a multitude of options within the framewor of several partnerships with organizations as AFOPE.

MBA, Business Manager program (dual title degree in English and in French), in congruence with international standards and accredited by AMBA

Masters in management, per the European standard LMD (License-Master-PhD)


An International Network

The IIM works with numerous universities, institutions and student mobility organizations around the world. International students can enrol either directly to Cnam-IIM for its diploma programs, from the worldwide network of Campus France offices or come from our partners via our collaborative agreements.


Our International Programs (MBA, Masters) are listed in the Campus France catalog of Programs Taught in English

Keyword: National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts

Thanks to our network of Cnam Centers in different regions of France, Francophone countries and emerging markets, students can transfer their enrollment to the International programs (MBA, Masters) after completing their courses, certifications or applications from the Regional Cnam Centers or International Cnam Centers , such as the Cnam Center in Madagascar, China, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Morrocco

Current agreements for the diploma programs:

-University of California, Berkeley Extension, USA for the MBA option Project Management

-Bucharest University of Economic Studies – Bucharest Business School (ASE-BBS), Romania, for the MBA Part time

-ESMOD (École supérieure de la mode), France for the MBA option Fashion Business Management

-California State University at San Bernardino (CSUSB) for the MBA study trip

-Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) for the Master in Management double degrees programs

-Higher School of Administration (SésamE), Tunisia for the Master in Management programs

-University of Zhengzhou, China for the Master in Management programs

-Athena School of Management, India for the Master in Management programs



*Master in Business Administration

*Master in Management



External Relation Manager

Phone: + 33 1 40 27 26 36


Mail box EPN15

2, rue Conté

75003 Paris

  • Jenifer Armand-Delille

    Rating: 5 / 5

    As former Professor of Business Communications at CNAM, I know firsthand what a great program CNAM MBA is. Serious, targeted teaching is provided for smart, motivated students whose destinies lie ahead. This MBA program offers participants a true opportunity for success. It’s up to you, the participant, to link in your individual talents and goals to this fine program.

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