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Choosing to study at CMH means choosing to train in a constantly expanding market looking for new profiles that combine professional knowledge and skills in the hotel sector.



-Innovative teaching with programs combining the most recent methods of international management with the traditions of the hotel industry

-A direct application in business, with internships and missions

-Training provided by professionals and experts from the hotel industry

-Personalized professional support, with coaching-management specialists

-A multicultural environment, with more than 50 nationalities represented

-A work-study program allowing you to exercise an activity at an alternating pace.

-European and international recognition of high-level diplomas for RNCP level 6 and 7 



Within the CMH, we are committed to offering you training from the 3rd year, some courses of which are eligible for work-study.

This allows you to access several types of contracts and devices that finance all or part of your studies.

Our training courses have been thought out and designed as a global course with a commitment: to build your career plan together.

Depending on your situation and your chosen training program, our teams are at your disposal to advise you and assist you in the choice of financing your studies.


The apprenticeship :

What is an apprenticeship contract?

The apprenticeship contract is based on a model aimed at diploma training. It is based on the principle of alternating between theoretical training at the CFA and teaching the trade at the employer. This contract allows the apprentice to benefit from the same rights as the employees of the company. The objective is to obtain a diploma or a title registered with the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications), therefore recognized by the state.

How long is the apprenticeship contract?

This is a fixed-term contract of 6 to 24 months (extension possible in certain special cases). The duration of the training is fixed by an agreement between the CFA (CMH campus), the employer and the apprentice and may be equal to or less than that of the training cycle depending on the initial level of skills. The work-study rhythm may vary depending on the training chosen, for example: 3 days at the CFA and 2 days in a company or 3 weeks / 1 week.

Who can benefit ?

Young people aged 16 to under 29.

What is the remuneration?

The apprentice receives a minimum remuneration corresponding to a percentage of the minimum wage according to his age and the number of years of apprenticeship, ie between 27% and 100% of the minimum wage. These amounts may be increased if a collective agreement is applied in the company. As an employee, the apprentice can benefit from 5 weeks of statutory paid leave per year and a single additional leave for the preparation of the final exams (to be taken in the month preceding the exams).

Who finances the training?

The training costs are fully or partially covered by the OPCO (COmpetence Operator) to which the company is attached. The amount of this support depends on several elements:

The duration of the contract

The professional branch on which the reception structure depends


The professionalization contract

What is a professionalization contract?

The professionalization contract is based on a model aimed at qualifying or leading to a diploma. It is based on the principle of work-study program with concrete experience in business and theory within the training organization (CMH campus). The student signs an employment contract which will allow him to benefit from the same rights as the employees of a company. The professionalization contract cannot be concluded with the State, local authorities, or public administrative establishments.


What is the duration of the professionalization contract?

This is a fixed term contract of 6 to 36 months. The work-study rhythm may vary depending on the training chosen, for example: 3 days at the CFA and 2 days in a company or 3 weeks / 1 week


The alternating internship

What is an alternate internship?

This is an internship agreement signed between the company, the student and the training institution. The internship can be divided and alternated with a period of lessons. It does not apply to the collective agreement or the company agreement. The intern benefits from student status and a bonus for an internship period exceeding 2 months effective.


What is the duration of the work-study internship?

The maximum possible duration is 6 months full-time per academic year and for the same employer.








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  • Medium Language English, French
  • Country France/ Paris
  • Mikael Aji Bagaskara

    Rating: 2 / 5

    If you are an International student, and have average or limited French language ability. Don’t dare to study in this ”International” school. I did not study here, but my Girlfriend used to attend 1 and half year here. What we hated was the reality that their English version website contains some simple misleading information that wasn’t and still not look professional at all and can lead to misinterpretation for future non-french speaking students. You also still have to pay the full tuition fees for the second year even you only going to study for maximum 4 hours per day(?!) and the internship department was not helpful at all. In contrast, some people who helped my girlfriend to transfer to another school were quite helpful. Anyway, we suggest you to always think twice before joining, so you won’t be disappointed to spend your cash into such place.

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