Chongqing Normal University

5.00 / 5

  • Togrul Yagublu TY

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Chongqing University shortly Chongda is one of the top universities in China. Environment inside campus A is safe and peaceful. I really do love this campus as it is green, romantic to have a nightwalk, do sports and jogging. In campus A there is one big stadium, beside it there is a smaller stadium and lots of playgrounds for basketball and tennis. Chancellor office in campus A is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen in Chongqing. Campus has several buildings designed in traditional Chinese style. Education is quite high as proffessors are expert researchers in their fields and are helpful, University itself is research oriented institution. Beside these University Library is big and comfortable, having big variety of books in English as well. University campus A has several cute cafes where you can try western food and have a cup of coffee. Several groceries and street foods are also common. In Chongqing University one of the most recognizable and scenic places is Min Zhu lake. In the mornings you can watch as elderly people are having gymnastics, dancing or just mediating near the lake. Beside campus A there are nearby campus B and C but would recommend campus D which is far from city, but can be reached by bus shuttle inside campus, taking off every hour.

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