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CDI – College des Ingenieurs is a business school based in Paris, France, that offers a unique and innovative MBA program for professionals looking to enhance their business skills and advance their careers. The school was founded in 1986 by Dr. Karl-Heinz Kipp, a German entrepreneur, and has since expanded to include locations in Munich and Turin.

The CDI MBA program is designed for professionals with at least three years of work experience, and focuses on a project-based learning approach that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The program is delivered in English, and covers a wide range of topics including finance, marketing, strategy, leadership, and innovation.

One of the unique features of the CDI MBA program is its emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. Students are encouraged to develop their own business ideas, and are provided with the resources and support needed to turn those ideas into reality. This includes access to a network of entrepreneurs and investors, as well as mentorship from successful business leaders.

Another key feature of the CDI MBA program is its international focus. The program attracts students from all over the world, and provides opportunities for students to study and work in different countries. This includes internships with multinational companies, as well as study trips to other European countries.

The CDI MBA program has been consistently ranked among the top MBA programs in Europe by various publications, including the Financial Times and The Economist. Graduates of the program have gone on to successful careers in a variety of industries, including consulting, finance, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Location: Paris, France

Year founded: 1994

CDI – College des Ingenieurs is a private business school located in Paris, France. Established in 1994, the school offers a range of business and management programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including MBA, MSc, and PhD programs. CDI – College des Ingenieurs is known for its focus on engineering and technology management, and its strong links with the business community in France and internationally.

Rankings: CDI – College des Ingenieurs is consistently ranked among the top business schools in France and Europe. In the 2021 edition of the Financial Times ranking of MBA programs, CDI – College des Ingenieurs was ranked 201-300 globally.

Accreditation: CDI – College des Ingenieurs is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS).

Delivery: The MBA program at CDI – College des Ingenieurs is delivered on-campus.

MBA programs: CDI – College des Ingenieurs offers a full-time MBA program. The program has a duration of 12 months and is designed for experienced professionals who are looking to accelerate their careers in business and management, with a focus on engineering and technology management. The program includes a combination of lectures, seminars, and case studies, as well as a range of experiential learning opportunities such as consulting projects, business simulations, and international study trips. Admissions to the program are highly competitive, with the school seeking candidates with strong academic backgrounds, relevant work experience, and leadership potential. GMAT is required for admissions to the program.

CDI is an independent international post-graduate education institution. Funded 100% by the industry, the CDI is proud to be able to offer its participants an exceptional framework and study conditions: the best professors, who teach in the most prestigious private universities (Harvard, Chicago, INSEAD … ) or public (St Gall, Lausanne …), residential seminars to industry standards, high-level coaching, first-rate professional relations with companies. The college covers all study costs, a salary for the college student and delivers an MBA.

All our programs are inspired by the “Act to understand” philosophy; the year at the College is a true professional year.

While all Master’s degree courses in science or engineering are becoming more homogenous, with the globalization of higher education (in Europe the L / M / D system), and all the CVs of young graduates are all starting to look alike, the CDI was created, in France and Germany, in partnership with world-leading groups, to detect, assess and train in management only those, among young engineers graduating from European, American and Chinese universities of excellence, who have a real potential of future business leaders.

Detect, pre-select, interview

in the world, each year 600 engineers graduates, the most talented, coming from the best academic institutions, and likely to assimilate very quickly the teaching of the first rank management professors, teaching in the short list of the first world business schools.

To choose among the 600 engineers, for our program, the 100 whom we consider the most gifted for action, and the most capable of meeting the challenge of results, because they will know how to capture in ten months the attitude, the methods and the specific values ​​of very high business potential.

Develop a unique “assessment process”, the “College of Engineers Program” which has the confidence of leading teams of global partner companies, and which has accelerated the emergence of young talents in key wealth creation positions.


The MBA program

Success in exams for the theoretical part (MBA) is only one of the prerequisites for the professional validation of CDI “fellows” and a very partial element of the Program.

An intensive MBA program at CDI


-Human ressources

-Marketing & Strategy

-Production & Organization



The Master Classes

For 25 years, the College of Engineers has invited CEOs and personalities

major events in public life in Europe and around the world.

Their presence shows their interest in training high potential managers. These meetings are informal and aim to exchange information and experiences between future leaders and current leaders.


Executive programs

The executive programs aim to prepare young “high potential” managers for general management positions. These programs are part of the strategy of developing internal pools of high potential companies. The College of Engineers creates tailor-made programs and has been running such programs for large international groups for several years.



the College of Engineers, with its partner universities of excellence,  leads a double doctoral and MBA degree:

“Sciences, Humanities and Management”

Medicine & Management” program

This “Medicine & Management” program is offered:

– doctors (MD) or doctor-doctors (MD-PhD),

– for medical students who wish to take a year back (just before or during their internship).

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    Excellent MBA program.
    Professors from top universities and interaction with executives.
    Fellow network with the best engineering graduates.

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