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  • Charlotte

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    Looking back, it is clear that AIM was the perfect choice to prepare me for a career in Hospitality & Tourism Management. If you are looking at these reviews, chances are you are searching for the right school for your future studies among the many options from around the world! I would thus like to share with you why I would choose AIM all over again if I was given the chance to go back in time.

    To start with, it goes without saying that the school has an ideal setting Рat the heart of lively Paris while being located in a peaceful area close to the beautiful Montsouris Park and the Cit̩ Universitaire Internationale (which includes a library and a cafeteria, but there are also bakeries and supermarkets nearby).

    Most importantly, the school offers an intensive program in all areas of hospitality management, giving you both the in-depth knowledge and the global vision you need in order to be a successful manager. Throughout my MBA program, I completed courses in Sales & Marketing, Front Office Management, Human Resources Management, Managerial Accounting, Restaurant Project Development, Risk Management, Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, and Spa Management — to quote just a few. Joining AIM, you can also expect to improve your public speaking skills as you will deliver oral presentations almost every week. Besides, all the classes/books are in English, which is obviously a huge plus for your future career. Depending on your level, the school may offer English classes as well, and you will have the opportunity to make friends from around the world!

    Professors at AIM are professionals with great knowledge and insights gained through their extensive experience in the field of hospitality management. This means they can provide you with real-life examples that truly prepare you for the field. It is really inspiring to hear about their career stories. They are passionate about hospitality and dedicated towards their students. If you have any questions, they are always ready to answer them. In fact, a MAJOR ASSET of AIM is its human size, which allows for more interaction between students and professors, and a more personalized style of education. This means that you will not be left alone if you have any difficulties in class. Both professors and the administration make themselves available, including Mr. Dogramaci (the Director) who is always happy to welcome you in his office.

    Among the other benefits the school offers are its partnerships with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) that delivers certifications recognized worldwide, as well as the culinary schools of Alain Ducasse and Ritz Escoffier Paris. Throughout your studies, AIM offers you the opportunity to follow a one-week workshop with one of these schools. I thoroughly enjoyed it, along with my fellow classmates — fun memories!

    All in all, coming to AIM, you clearly need passion and dedication as you will have to work hard — but it will pay off! Indeed, I have stretched myself and learnt so much throughout my MBA and internship experiences. I am truly grateful to the school for their support and the doors it opened for my career.

    I hope this insight was useful to you and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

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