ADA University

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  • Ashok Banerji

    Rating: 5 / 5

    ADA University (ADA) (Azerbaijani: ADA Universiteti) is a university established under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan in March 2006.When founded as the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy the main objective was to train specialists for a diplomatic career in Azerbaijani foreign affairs. Hence the name ADA. However, its programs expanded and the name changed to ADA University. Its founding rector is Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev, who is a Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan and a former ambassador of Azerbaijan to the United States. A very pleasant personality with vision.
    Under his leadership ADA University positioned itself as a leading academic centre in the region. It was a pleasure to visit ADA University, meeting the Rector, staff and students in its sprawling well planned campus with a huge library. The campus opened in September 2012. It has since increased its online presence through courses using BlackBorad. A very forward looking university indeed.

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